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High Speed Precision Machining

Engineered Production of Precision Components


High Speed Precision Machining


Our Toyoda FA450 machines provide efficient, high production performance [Click on image to enlarge]

Our Manufacturing Operation in constructed around and infra-structure that supports precision, quality, reliability and efficiency. Skilled, experienced engineers, toolmakers and machinists construct the programs, tools, fixtures, gauging and other elements that are required for each step in manufacture. Their knowledge and dedication to meting each requirement is the foundation of our successful completion of each job.

Machining of castings, forgings, bar and plate material is accomplished on high speed state-of-the-art 4-axis CNC Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machining and Turning Centers, and Flexible Machining Systems. These modern machines are equipped with large capacity tool magazines to accomplish very complex parts and multi-part-set-ups on multiple pallets. Their high speed spindles and rapid machine motions and feed rates provide the most efficient machining cycle times.

Our unique Off-line job preparation and set-up procedures minimize these costs. All cutting tools are pre-set and offset values are downloaded electronically. Fixtures are mounted precisely on interchangeable pallets to eliminate machine set-up time. Programs are downloaded through our DNC link and are managed with custom PC software at each machine. This flexibility significantly reduces prove-out cost and enhances small lot production efficiencies.

All CNC Turning Centers have full 4 axis control allowing 2 simultaneous cuts for maximizing productivity. They are all equipped with Hi-Lo pressure chucks for effective metal removal for roughing and consistent accuracy of finish cuts. Quick change chuck jaws and turret tooling along with our DNC link for programs greatly reduce job changeover costs. These features yield cost effectiveness for a variety of production lot sizes.


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The latest technology Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system provides the economical generation of sophisticated, complex programs for all our CNC equipment. Customer CAD files can be downloaded directly via telephone/modem communications into our CAM computers eliminating a duplication of effort. This CAD file is also useful in generating inspection programs for our direct Computer Controlled Coordinate Measuring Machines. All programs are maintained in our Computer Network for distribution through our DNC link.

Vertically Integrated operations provide unified control of quality and delivery

  • High speed machining on state-of-the-art CNC Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers
  • Efficient, accurate turning operations on modern 4 axis CNC lathes
  • Sophisticated programs generated on the latest technology CAM systems
  • In-house finishing operations include MIL-SPEC Painting, Chromate and Marking
  • Mechanical assembly, testing and impregnation complete units ready for final assembly
  • Uncompromising Quality Control Insures compliance to all specifications

H. & S. Swansons’ Tool Company is AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified. Nadcap-certified Finishing Operations for Chemical Processing and ITAR Registered.

Engineered Production of Precision Components

Aerospace and Defense companies only work with the very best!


USA based

USA based vertically integrated complex precision machining and finishing


365 Quality Control

A comprehensive Quality Control System that supports the entire manufacturing operation


Timely Delivery Done Right

Vertical integration provides a competitive edge and timely delivery